Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Winter Squirting

After a few weeks of massive amounts of rainfall and amazing paddling we are unfortunately back to the normal low levels. Having decided that the water levels were too low and scrapy to bother running anything I got the squirt boat out as the squirt spots work to a certain extent in most levels. I hadnt paddled it in quite a while with conditions for float boating being so good for a change.
The day was absolutely freezing, about halfway through the session I ended up putting gloves on as I couldn't feel my fingers at all. The level was too low for any decent downtime with mostly just chest or neck deep mysteries at best. Still beats scraping down the upper reaches of the river though!
I figure given an extra foot or 2 of water this spot would be pretty much perfect. In low water the seam is pretty good but is too shallow to take advantage of, in high water the eddys on either side of the seam flush out meaning no way back up to the top of the seam after a mystery! I think i need a bit more exploring before I can see what the best level is for this spot. Still with it only being 10 minutes drive from the house that isnt exactly a big deal.