Tuesday, 4 May 2010


At the weekend I went down to the national championships at Curragower in Limerick.
It was quite a while since I was last on gower so I was looking forward to getting back onto it.
I judged the other classes which was good fun as I got to see all the other rides, due to low water and a poor wave the event was much lower scoring than usual but with people still putting in some very good and consistent rides.
Unfortunately by the time the C1 class came around the wave was practically dead and it was impossible to do anything without flushing off. I was quite disappointed not to manage a decent ride but such is life.
On the Sunday Orky, myself and Kevin went to try out a new squirt boating spot. Kevin managed to rip the seal on his cag so elected to take photos from his OC1 rather than squirt boat. Despite the very low flows there was some sinking to be done. I can't wait to go back to this spot in proper water levels. It was quite a productive session, it has been a while since I paddled a squirt boat so I was a little rougher than normal, I did manage to spend a bit of time practicing light loops and finally nailed washouts! A trick that has defeated me up until now for some reason.

Messing on exit moves

Orky drops in while I resurface

Mush moves!

Trying to surf a dying wave